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keep it 100...

we can help keep your vehicle running at it's absolute peak.

what can we maintain for you?

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Ready for 5 cylinder noises and crazy power?

we can help get you started on your path to dominating the street and track...

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we can source and install a large selection of mods for your car

additional services

our certified mechanics are here to help!


Administer 10 CC's of these vital fluids immediately! We're equipped to execute an exhaustive array of oil and fluid services, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your vehicle.


Assuredly Optimistic Outcomes! Our cadre of accredited mechanical experts are proficient in identifying any vehicular anomalies, elucidating the complexities of the situation, and furnishing you with a comprehensive cost estimate.

Complete Computer
Complete Safety Analysis
Drivability Problems
Hybrid Battery
Oil changes
Tire Mounting & Rotation
Brake Pads and Rotors
Exhaust Systems
Steering and Suspension
And Much More!

Mot testing

expert maintenance

If there's a problem with your car during the MOT test, then our testers will provide information on the fault and what needs to be done to fix it.

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Stage 1


Book or walk in and have your MOT done on the same day.We will thoroughly check your vehicle to make sure it is street legaland safe to drive. Tests will include:

  • Lights, lamps and electrical systems
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Engine, exhaust and emissions
  • Steering and suspension
  • Windscreen, wipers and mirrors
  • Brake fluid top up
  • Coolant top up

and much more!

Stage 2


Whilst doing the MOT, should we find any problems with the vehicles small or big, we will contact you to let you know of the issue and what can be done

  • Report available in 3 hours from starting inspection
  • Engine diagnostics performed
  • Vehicle raised
  • Bodywork inspection

Stage 3


After discussing about any problems with the vehicle, we will give you a price including parts + Labour and give you an estimated time to fix the vehicle. The majority of repairs will be done on the same day, so no need to wait days on end for your vehicle to be fixed

  • Ensures trouble-free motoring
  • Carried out by our ATA-trained testers
  • Our expert mechanics can carry out  all required on-site on the same day
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putting the "part" in partner...

We strategically align with some of the industry's bestsuppliers, enabling us to present you with the most economicalpricing attainable on components for yourvehicle


Service Excellence Unleashed

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations

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sleeved blocks
ported heads
valves & springs
fueling: Pumps + injectors
coil packs
spark plugs
batteries: OEM + Light-Weight
VCDS coding
and MOAR!
ECU Tunes (OTS & custom)
pistons & bearings


Short shifters
haldex controllesrs and tunes
DCT/DSG Re-learn procedures
tCU Tunes (OTS + Custom)
Manual Clutch Upgrades
DCT/DSG Clutch packs

air flow

fueling downpipes (OTS & Custom): pumps + injectors
cat-back exhausts (OTS & Custom)
catalytic converters
turbos & superchargers
intake manifolds
air intakes (OTS & Custom)
intercoolers (OTS & Custom)
intercooler charge piping (OTS & custom)


dead set subframe bolt kits
dogbone inserts
pedulum mounts
engine mounts
trans mounts
tire mounting + balancing
bushing replacements
shock & struts
front & rear sway bars & end links
camber plates
control arms
roll center/camber ball joints


dent repair
Rust removal
preventive measure
frame alignment
scratch repair
fiberglass repairs
custom modifications
glass replacements
quality check
decal and graphics application
headlight restoration
mold and trim repair/replacement
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─ about us ─

we let our work do the talking...

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the automotive specialists at BabaBrothers Service Company, and I must say, their professionalism in handling my issue was truly remarkable. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm and friendly attitude by their knowledgeable staff. They listened attentively to my concerns, asked relevant questions, and provided clear explanations about the necessary repairs. Throughout the entire process, they displayed a high level of expertise and professionalism, making me feel confident and reassured. Not only did they efficiently diagnose and fix the problem, but they also went above and beyond by providing helpful recommendations to prevent similar issues in the future.

─ kevin h

I recently had my vehicle serviced at BabaBrothers Automotive Specialists, and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received. From the moment I contacted them to schedule an appointment, their staff was friendly, accommodating, and responsive. When I arrived at their facility, they promptly attended to my vehicle and completed the repairs in a timely manner. Not only was their work top-notch, but what pleasantly surprised me was their affordability. Their prices were significantly lower compared to other service providers in the area, without compromising on quality. I appreciated their transparency when it came to pricing, and they even provided me with a detailed breakdown of the costs. BabaBrothers Automotive Specialists offers great service at reasonable prices, and I will definitely be returning for all my future automotive needs.

─ andre allen

I recently visited BabaBrothers Automotive Specialists, and I was immediately impressed by the quality and cleanliness of their garage. The moment I walked in, I noticed how well-organized and modern their facility was. The waiting area was comfortable and welcoming, equipped with complimentary refreshments and a clean restroom. The garage itself was spotless, with state-of-the-art equipment and tools neatly arranged. It was evident that they prioritize cleanliness and maintain a high standard of hygiene. This attention to detail extended to their work as well. The technicians were diligent, wearing clean uniforms, and took great care when working on my vehicle. I felt confident in their abilities and appreciated the overall cleanliness of the garage, which reflects their commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction. BabaBrothers Automotive Specialists have certainly set a benchmark in terms of providing a clean and modern environment for their customers.

─ a longo
We are very proud of our 4.9 star rating on Google from over 40 reviews!

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